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Product description:

Colour:Daylight,Cool White,Warm White, 3 Colors

Wattage:9W or 12W


9W Hole-100mm , Glass-120mm

12W Hole-130mm,Glass-160mm

Warranty:One Year

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Product Description

SG LED Lighthouse (Direct from Warehouse)

Product Recommendation
Type : 12W to 48W LED Ceiling lights
12W to 18W recommended for toilet/ bathroom light / yard / balcony
18W to 36W recommended for bedroom light
36W to 48W recommended for living room light
Light Color : Cool White / Daylight / Warm light
Input Voltage : 220V ac
Pickup/Delivery : within 1 week
 Benefits of using LED
1. Direct electricity bill costs savings
2. Generate less heat
3. Indirect electricity bill costs savings
4. no flickering
5. no dark patches on light tube
6. longer life span
7. No warm up effect like those seen in energy saving bulb
Why buy from SG LED Lighthouse
1) We buy in bulk and thus we are able to negotiate best price base on economy of scale
2) We minimize all our costs so that consumers maximize their savings
3) No risk of overseas warranty, we provide one to one exchange 1 year warranty
4) Optionally we provide qualified electrician
5) Local testing and QC
6) Safe and secure local transaction
7) No risk of overseas remittance / shipment / warranty
8) Free delivery (with condition)
9) Local warranty support
1. Free consultation on light placement and wattage/lumens required from floor plan
2. LED conversion project evaluation
3. Lighting maintenance contract for commercial projects
Partnership enquiry are welcomed
1. Group Purchase
2. Interior Designer
3. Renovation Contractor
4. Reseller welcome
We are aiming for 100% positive feedback each time and every time.
All consumers are our partners and you can buy with confidence.
We service our customers very well to ensure that they you go through a safe and knowledgeable buying experience.
In the event that you encounter any unsatisfactory experience, please contact us before leaving a negative feedback.
You are not just saving money, you are protecting the environment for the future generations.
See our customer references on Facebook : SG LED Lighthouse & good customer feedback on Qoo

12W LED DOWNLIGHT 2 – LED Ceiling Light Singapore

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Recessed lighting Singapore, Balcony, Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room, Service Yard, Store Room, Walk way / Foyer


12W, 9W

Light Color

3 Colours, Day Light, Warm White

Lighting Type

Ceiling lamp Singapore, LED downlight Singapore, LED lighting Singapore, Recessed lighting Singapore




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